Research shows that the health benefits of sourdough bread make this delicious food a valuable part of a healthy diet. Sourdough bread is a great healthy bread option. Sourdough bread has a low glycemic index and can help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels lower, which can prevent insulin resistance and diabetes.

So why is Sourdough bread healthier than ordinary bread? One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is why can I digest Sourdough bread, but not ordinary commercial bread? There are many reasons, and the answer for each person is different.However research, often linked with IBS, indicates that the principal storage of phosphorus in seeds is found in the bran part of wheat and is called phytic acid can be a cause for digestive discomfort and bloating. In humans, and animals with one stomach, this phytic acid inhibits enzymes which are needed for the breakdown of proteins and starch in the stomach. It is this lack of enzymes which results in digestive difficulties.
Gobi's is personally handmade by Chef Gobi. Gobi's sourdough starts with a Starter made with water and flour. The fermentation takes over 4 days in a controlled environment.
5 days ago:

After four days of tending to the Starter, the Levan (half of the starter) is made. The Levan is fermented for an additional 6 hours. 

1 day ago:
The autolyse is done in several steps to ensure that the Levan is mixed in well.6 hours ago:

12 hours ago: 

When the dough is set, the shaping of each individual loaf is done. The sourdough is Chef's first love and he always signs of his loaves with love.
4 hours ago:

The baking at 220-240C for 40 minutes will provide a soft interior and crispy exterior. 
1 hour ago:

Chef Gobi teaches weekly baking classes and making the sourdough is one of the modules. For more information of Chef Gobi's baking classes:



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