Does anyone actually like the taste of fondant?

By Chef Gobi of Gobi Desserts

Fondant has blown up with popularity. Yes, it is trendy and cute, but I think taste is more important. Every single time I see someone with a fondant cake, I see everyone picking the fondant off. And no one eats the figurines made with the fondant either. I can make some pretty cute animals with buttercream icing or you can put a plastic toy on top that the kid can actually play with. Fondant figurines just end up in the trash. Fondant cakes are nasty and are only nice to look at. For those of you who dont know this is a fondant cake: Would you pay 300 dollars for fondant cake?

As a Chef, I find fondant absolutely repulsive to eat, I've never been one for fancy utterly pointless designs on food. Presentation is a key in eating fine foods but at the same time.... if you're going to be destroying it when you chew it, it makes no sense to me. This goes for any type of food. If have to use Fondant, I make my own fondant out of marshmallow cream. It's much tastier. In my patisserie, I prefer to make simple tasty cakes that my customers get value for their money. I make high quality gateau cakes with simple elegant buttercream designs. 

If you love elegance, classic designs, I would love to make it for you.

With much love,
Chef Gobi


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